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AcoustiCone® 61BA

The acoustical perfect equilibrium.


Living Enviroments and Sound:
It is well known that we like rooms not too noisy and with a reverberation time not too long: we need the right sound absorption and diffusion with the highest intelligibility of speech and music for a "good acoustics".
Usually we find environments with surfaces, walls, ceiling, floor very "hard" and with high sound reflection: the acoustical ergonomics is very poor, the speech communication very difficult and the quality of the musical sound is poor and unpleasant.

We have serious acoustical problems in offices, class rooms, restaurants, refectories, canteens, gymnasiums, swimming-pools, cinemas, dance-hall, concert-hall, theatres, pubs, etc. etc., where the sound waves can oscillate back and fort with low attenuation and generate "flutter echoes, standing and travelling waves".

The AcoustiCone® is an unique apparatus for the correction of the environmental acoustics.

Sound Technology:

The AcoustiCone® is made with tree elements of aluminium with hi-tech aspect, it is not inflammable, with acoustical absorption and reflection capacity; the flat conical shape allows an easy installation on the ceiling (fixed with a simple hook).

It is the best system to reduce noise and has the best ergonomic environment with high intelligibility.
Any flat parallel surface, also if absorbing the sound, will never avoid the generation of standing waves and flutter-echo at some frequency: the acoustic can not be good!

This problem has been solved from Brüel Acoustics with the most advanced acoustical correctors.
The AcoustiCone® avoids flat and parallel surfaces, reduces environmental noise and can offer the best acoustical ergonomics for speech, music and living.

Technical Data:

The AcoustiCone® is a not inflammable flat cone shaped sound corrector with a diameter of 83 cm, height of 23 cm and weight of 650 grams, consisting of three pre-slit aluminium sectors "high-tech" finish held together by plastic clips and interlined with special paper type absorbing pads.

Sabine m2/ AcoustiCone 0.15 0.27 0.47 0.47 0.40 0.32 0.24
Hz 100 200 500 1K 2K 5K 8K

Absorption And Reflection:

For the best acoustical correction one AcoustiCone® must be mounted each square meter of the ceiling.
The sound absorption is not a "primary" quantity: for a "good acoustics" we need uniform and regular room sound distribution with a flat reverberation time in all frequency, high intelligibility (STI Speech Transmission Index) and no flutter echoes or standing waves.


The AcoustiCone® is delivered ready to be assembled.
The package is equipped with tree plastic holders or assembly rails, one galvanised spring, a twisted wire fastener with hook and a small aluminium top cone for each AcoustiCone®.
Place the flanges of two sectors against each other with the slid-side down on a flat working space of about one square meter. If the flanges have been bent, they are easily straightened by running gently an hard object along them. One plastic clip holder will fix the two sectors starting from 2.5 cm or 1" from the outside of the cone and pressing down gently in the direction of the centre hole. Repeat the operation with the third aluminium sector and close the cone with the third plastic clips giving to the AcoustiCone® the right arch.


Drill a hole on the ceiling about every meter from each other, then insert and screw a wall-plug with eyelet, hung the spring and the fastener hook on the spring (keep in mind the diameter of 83 cm and the distance from the wall or any object have to be over 42 cm from the centre and avoid to align the AcoustiCone® parallel to the walls).

Insert the three special absorbing papers in the Cone and then raise the AcoustiCone® against the ceiling ensuring that the wire fastener emerges through the centre hole.
Place the small top cone so that the wire passes through the hole. Pull the wire until the fastener has passed through the hole in the small top cone and is hooked to its edge.
Then bend the remaining end of the wire below the top cone as an extra hook and cut of the hanging wire 5-7 mm away.

AcoustiCone doc. (pdf 623 KB)

Product data (pdf 62 KB)

Measurements in a room with dimentions: 11,50 x 10,50 x 4,10 m
Sup. 120,75 m2, with 120 AcoustiCone
Volume 495,08 m3

Reverberation time T60 (74 Kb) - S2 with AcoustiCone
Clarity index C80 (67 Kb)
Central time ts (71 Kb)
Intelligibility RASTI (36 Kb)

Some Pictures:
Meeting Room n.1 (48 KB).
Meeting Room n.2 (46 KB).
Hi-Fi Room (69 KB).
Hi-Fi Room (45 Kb).
Office (43 Kb).
Gymnasium (45 Kb).
Typography (79 Kb).

Hi-Fi Room n.1 (jpg )
Hi-Fi Room n. 2 (jpg)
Hi-Fi Room n.3 (jpg)

The reported data are indicative and not binding because Brüel Acoustics works constantly to reach perfection on the products and keeps the right to bring any modification or improvement without notice.

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